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First Impressions Matter! – Attitude

Let’s be honest, first impressions are everything. “Well, that’s not very nice. A book should not be judged by its cover.” I agree. But that’s not how the world works. I judge people and people judge people. Whether we like it or not, we are all guilty of making judgments about people the very moment we meet them.  It’s been said that it only takes one tenth of a second for people to form judgments on your attractiveness, trustworthiness & likability upon first meeting you.

The Business world is no exception. When it comes to selling a product or service, your first impression may very be your last. I have gathered 6 important keys that will help us make good first impressions in our world of business.



Your attitude shows through in everything you do. Someone you are meeting for the first time is not interested in your “good excuse” for running late. Plan to arrive a few minutes early. And allow flexibility for possible delays in traffic or taking a wrong turn. Arriving early is much better than arriving late, hands down, and is the first step in creating a great first impression.

“It’s not about the person; it’s about this temporary state at the moment.” Project a positive attitude, even in the face of criticism or in the case of nervousness.

I hope the need for a positive attitude, has encouraged you, made you think, and perhaps excited for our next important key!




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