Understanding Your Brand

Everyone is fussing about getting more followers…

I get a bunch of inquiries about how to build a brand or get huge followers in just under 5 Days. However, I think people are getting caught up on the vanity of it all and missing out on the reality of the matter.

I don’t care if you have 1000 followers or 100,000 followers.

If you don’t know what to do with those followers once you attract them, you’re screwed.

If you don’t have a proper marketing funnel in place, who cares how many followers you have?

If you don’t know how to nurture a lead or facilitate a sale, how good are those followers to you now?

As you continue to grow and build your brand, there’s a lot more to scaling your business to the ¥20k, ¥50k or ¥100k+ per month revenues than just increasing followers on Instagram.

97% of businesses fail in under 36 months due to poor planning and deep understanding of the fundamentals of growing and building a sustainable business.

It’s a shame that these numbers are so high and I get it.

People want to cut corners in all the wrong places when it comes to building their brands and business, then they want to know what went wrong?

Had I not tripled down on the fundamentals a couple years back and reinvest in myself, I would NOT be in business today.

Here’s the harsh reality.

The status quo is not safe these days.

If you’re a brand that doesn’t continue to innovate and continuously become more valuable to your marketplace, you’re going to go out of business.

If you don’t have a systematic way to nurture a lead into a sale, you don’t have a business.

How you’re marketing yourself today may be irrelevant 2 weeks from now.

That’s the scary part.

I’ve been in business for 8 years and have seen a lot of businesses come and go with the quickness.

It’s a shame.

Had they properly reinvested back into themselves and continue to innovate and increase their value in the marketplace, they probably would have grown their authority and their names would have become synonymous with their expertise.

Instead they decided to “play it safe” and play small…

No one’s safe these days…

Not me…

Not you…

Hence why I continue to raise the bar for myself and my business.

I’m consistently reinvesting in myself and my business.

And we constantly challenge our clients to do the same…

Take one of our clients this year Mitchell Mhlanga (Eureka Educational Consultants)…

She came to us with just the vision with no real brand positioning at all as well as no real marketing funnel that could qualify leads into clients.

With a little help from the Dephlex team, we were able to tighten up her brand’s messaging, articulate her brand’s value and design and build a high quality / optimized website and marketing funnel to start sending leads to.

It wasn’t about how many “followers” Mitchell had or wanted to gain.

It was making sure all the fundamentals of the brand building process
was tightened up and secure before generating any leads at all.

It was about helping her understand her audience. We equipped her with the right skills to help her facilitate a sale once those leads started to come in.

My team and I successfully handled that for Mitchell and sent her on her way…

That project was one of my favorite projects this year!

I’m so proud of Mitchell for not tolerating the status quo and leveling up her brand’s authority, credibility and value in her niche!

If you think “followers” are going to bring you more business, think again…

There’s a lot more to it than just gaining followers.

Anyone can easily buy online followers these days.

However, what you do with those followers, how you’re able to understand them and appreciate them and facilitate a sale with them is a completely different ballgame.

If you don’t want to be part of that staggering statistic of failed businesses I mentioned earlier in 2019, then let’s talk about what we can do for your business or brand. Book a free 30-minutes complementary strategy call today.

Here’s the link: https://2019.dephlexcreatives.asia/#strategy

At Dephlex, we are invested in your SUCCESS.
We want to see you win!

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