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Understanding Your Brand

Everyone is fussing about getting more followers… I get a bunch of inquiries about how to build a brand or get huge followers in just under 5 Days. However, I think people are getting caught up on the vanity of it all and missing out on the reality of the...

Do I still need a website in 2018?

There are a lot of people online who already have a huge following on most of the social media platforms and might ask why do I still need a website? Social media is amazing but the reality is that you don’t own and control the platform. You don’t fully control how it...

3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Finding confidence as a woman in business isn’t easy. In fact, men naturally have a lot of confidence than women. however, that should not limit your career goals or ambitions. I 100 percent believe that being a woman in business, you have got the power to create the...