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First Impressions Matter! – Knowledge



You have to know something about what you sell. A first impression may start off great, but when it comes to talking details or know how, it could quickly fall apart. I found this out the hard way when I got started. I had some situations that went great at first and somewhere the project even got going, but I realized quickly that if I oversold myself and got in over my head, it wouldn’t turn out well.

KNOW your service before you sell it. Some people just try to sell, sell, sell, but have no idea what they’re selling. I’ve seen this in many network marketing pitches. People selling a product or service but when asked about it they often don’t have any backup or knowledge of what they’re pushing. Knowledge does not have to be at the forefront of a first impression but it’d better be there if that impression’s going to turn into a lasting impression.

So there are some keys to making a good first impression. Easier said than done, but well worth nothing. Again, I’ve learned the hard way on every single one of these and wish I had someone give me this advice when I started. But it’s always better to learn by doing than reading in a textbook, I suppose. Many of these you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Make them applicable to your situation and line of work.

I hope these have encouraged you, made you think, and perhaps excited for your next first impression!



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