3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Finding confidence as a woman in business isn’t easy. In fact, men naturally have a lot of confidence than women. however, that should not limit your career goals or ambitions. I 100 percent believe that being a woman in business, you have got the power to create the career and life you have always wished for and there’s even as abundant chance out there for women as there’s for men, you simply got to chase it!

Girl power is about loving yourself and having confidence and strength from within, so even if you’re not wearing a sexy outfit, you feel sexy.

1: Don’t over think things.

Woman naturally,  overthink things. Its a characteristic that girl has, that men don’t. With the gazillion decisions you’ve got to make running a business, you’ll get extremely stuck overthinking things rather than simply performing on them. One issue I’ve learned this last year which I even have been attempting to practice a lot more and more is, once I have a concept or inspiration and that i assume its an honest idea, I simply execute it. Action in business ends up in many more results than thinking will.

2: Progress over Perfection.

Women want to seem perfect, wish to act perfect, wish to come across ‘perfect’ (whatever that is!) they’ve got a standard of perfection that I don’t assume men have for themselves. I realized lady are always striving for perfection, however, once it involves business, time is precious and spending that extra time perfecting your presentation or your proposal or no matter what it’s you’re working on may be a waste as a result of nobody seeing it the way you see it anyway. believe yourself and move forward!

3: Sales over Support.

When women are trying to get their business off the ground, they tend to seek support and many women will go to networking events or female support groups, where they can go and talk to other women about their business struggles or goals and relate to them and support one another. Don’t get me wrong, I think having a strong support system and like-minded individuals to talk to is super important but you must remember, support is not a replacement for sales. Your business won’t survive if you don’t have sales, and your cheerleaders aren’t going to go out there and sell for you. So if you’re finding your business is not growing the way you like, resist the need to turn to your support system, just get out there and SELL! Don’t think, just do!


I would love to hear your thoughts and any tips that you have discovered relating to confidence for women and if you are interested to learn more about building your confidence, I highly recommend reading The Confidence Code! Such a great read for business owners and all woman!

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