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Digital Branding: Is Your Logo Responsive?

In today’s world – A logo has to work harder than ever before. In 2018, the number of internet users grew to 4 billion. Of that number, 49.4% of all the people interacting online are using their mobile phones, instead of the good old days of computers. This means that...

Understanding Your Brand

Everyone is fussing about getting more followers… I get a bunch of inquiries about how to build a brand or get huge followers in just under 5 Days. However, I think people are getting caught up on the vanity of it all and missing out on the reality of the...


THE BEST REFERRAL PROGRAM EVER! Do you have friends or family who need a website? Do you have a Dephlex Creatives website and would like to share the love? Do you want to recommend your clients to a ‘small business friendly’ digital agency? Well, the Dephlex Creatives...