Alafea Institute Website Goes Live!

Who is Alafea and what’s Alafea Institute all about?

Alafea Reynolds, a mother of three and two bonus kids who doubled as an educator and mother. She experienced firsthand the frustration of trying to develop professionally while trying to be present for her husband, kids and family.

Alafea Institute, on the other hand, is a training institution on a mission to empower educators across the world via online and live training and founded by none other than Alafea Reynolds hence the name Alafea Institute.

Alafea discovered Dephlex Creatives through a referral from a trusted partner OK Studios. She presented the team and I with a synopsis of her ideas and what she envisioned her website being. As an education-oriented website, we knew as a company and a team of developers that the website had to be very informative, detailed and most importantly, serve its purpose which is to nurture the wellbeing of educators and parents, empowering them to change their narrative, so they can raise healthier and happier children.

Many changes arose during the development of Alafea’s website as it completely shut down due to a third party plugin we incorporated and also some malware from the world wide web. The latter happened due to the fact that we were building her website on a staging site which had no protection or security hence causing hackers to infiltrate the website easily. That in turn was a lesson for us as we realized and decided to secure all staging and development sites where building of most our websites are done.

Many changes took place down the line as colors, font style and sizes were asked to be changed by Alafea. Typography was one major aspect for Alafea as she seemed clean, minimalistic designs which our team of designers we able to come through on.

Alafea Institute would be the second education-oriented project we as a company have built; the previous being Eureka’s website. went live after a successful job created by Dephlex Creatives which entails of a much simplistic outlook and designs yet carrying out its main objective. The site has strategic CTAs, booking functionalities which users can utilize in setting up appointments and discovery calls with Alafea. The website doesn’t just tell you what Alafea is about and what they do but also gives you an in-depth look into Alafea’s journey, story and what she has overcome to be here front-running such a thriving project.

Alafea was great to work with and Dephlex Creatives was just as honored to work with here. She was very involved in the development of the whole site which is honestly ideal for us because we push for more of our clients to be very involved in their vision and that she was. We hope to continue to keep this relationship with Alafea Institute going. We are very much excited for the future and this collaboration.

This website was designed and developed by Dephlex Creatives and it’s completely built with custom integrations. View our full range of packages and services.

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