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She Is Ministry Website Goes Live!

She Is Ministry’s main primary goal is for every woman to be faithfully planted in a church and a sisterhood cell group and for God to reveal His power and purpose through every woman thus leading to the salvation of multitudes. Fulfilling the Great Commission by discipling and sending women of all ages to proclaim the gospel, Commissioned to make disciples, Unveiling her God-given purpose, Knowing her identity in Christ.

As our first launched NGO website, We made sure we built within the parameters an NGO project required and deemed. She Is Ministry project was a project that had a lot of hiccups along the way. Halfway through the website, the team had to completely do away with the initial designs of the website due to the fact that, it didn’t meet the required standards our client was hoping for and frankly wasn’t the best output yet. As we know with any development processes, we had to take a second look at the initial designs and completely make many improvements which were later satisfying to not only our client (She Is Ministry) but also to our team of developers. This, in turn, prolonged the launch and completion of our very first NGO project but the wait was worth it as the saying goes. went live after a successful job created by Dephlex Creatives which entails of a simplistic but yet sophisticated outlook and designs which was both approved of by our client. Drawing inspirations from child themes created by other WordPress developers, The team was able to maneuver those inspirations and build a unique brochure website which fully illustrates what She Is Ministry epitomizes and it’s impact on women, young girls and the society for that matter.

Dephlex Creatives was honored and quite privileged to work with She Is Ministry and Mwende, as it presented as a company the opportunity to be able to bridge together the borders of advancing technology and religion and produce such a platform. As we continue to spearhead this partnership and bridge, we hope it serves as an inspiration to all other NGO’s out there looking to solidify and get themselves onto an online platform.

This website is the first of any NGO project done by Dephlex Creatives and it’s completely built with custom integrations. View our full range of packages and services.

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