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Chaddwayne is one of the finest African-born, China based photographers out there currently. His eye catching range of photos makes his work quite eloquent and his picture capturing transcendent.


Compay Name: ChaddWayne Photography.
Date: Jan 2018

Chaddwayne, a FineArt photographer that takes great pride in capturing true spirit and personality of the people and subjects that I take. His style has been described as creative, fun, and of stories. He aims to use his images to please the eyes as well as question emotions and inspire reactions.

What Chadd Was Looking For?

A simple but an eloquent gallery oreinted website which was minimalistic in its own right where by customers could for one showcase his work and previous work done and also have the ability to be contacted by potential clients.

Why We Switched to Divi

Using Divi with this project seemed like an easy choice since the Divi theme has so many photography and gallery capabilities. We used Divi simply because it was easier and more efficient for our development team and since Dephlex Creatives have prided ourselves on being Divi experts, the marriage was bound to happen

Instant Results

Immediately as work began, the Dephlex Creatives team quickly whipped out an amazing minimalistic gallery oriented website which gave our client Chadd the dream website he had always wanted.

“My search for a proper means through which I could show the world has ended thanks to Dephlex creatives. There are a plethora of thoughts on my mind but the one that resonates the most is the appreciation of beauty and quality of my brand .”

Photographer, Chaddwayne.

The Experience

Dephlex Creatives was honored and quite privileged to work with one of Wuhan’s prominent photographers. It was a tremendous collaboration and we at Dephlex Creatives are glad to have him on board as a client. This website is one of our small business website built with custom integrations.

What’s New ?


Professional Branding

Developed by Dephlex Creatives, the branding and design language were recreated from the ground up. The result is an incredibly sleek brand that will stand the test of time and a website that looks much more professional.

Customized Coding

Although we aimed to simplify the website and make it easier that does not mean that implementation was easy, quite the opposite. Hundreds of lines of custom code had to be written to achieve the various functions and effects – all part of making ideas happen.

Simplified Structure

One of the biggest issues with building the website was the confusing navigation and content structure. We examined every part of the user experience and made careful, considerate changes that would make the experience better for everyone.

Advanced WireFrames

By first designing the website using the Divi theme, ChaddWayne was able to see a real visual representation of his ideas and concepts. Any changes could be made in real time and would closely resemble the final product.

The Results

These numbers clearly illustrates the difference from when ChaddWayne branded himself and decided to go live with a website which was solely his.


Increase In Productivty


Increase IN Customers


Decrease in Meetings


Decrease in Emails

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