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NiiTheMc is an Event Master of Ceremonies who is driven by the passion for Public Speaking and a zeal for Event Coordination. He provides a service that renders eloquence with exciting entertainment that will make an event and thrill an audience.


Compay Name: Nii The Mc.
Date: Jan 2018

NiiTheMc’s website went live this week after a full design and development from Dephlex Creatives. The new site looks great, runs well on mobile devices and has a more clear Call To Action for this top end Master of Ceremonies brand.

What Was NiiTheMc Looking For?

A very well documented website which best explained what he as a Master of Ceremony was all about and the kind of services he offered. His website basically offered an indepth look at what a customer gets when he/she hires NiiTheMc to host their specified event.

Why We Switched to Divi

The Divi provided by Elegant themes made building NiiTheMc’s website a whole lot easier simply because we were able to use very simplistic features but yet sophisticated functions which brought out the simplicity and minimalistic design he was looking for. Introducing blog layouts for his blog posts called Momentum Mondays where he post inspirational and motivational words to encourage us for the upcoming week hence the name Momentum Mondays.

Instant Results

We instantly got great results from the get-go by making his homepage act as the landing page. With the help of the Divi custom css sections, our team simply added a navigation bar which wasnt traditional like the previous nav-bars which when clicked, takes you to a new page. With Nii’s website, it simply took you to the next section for example “clicking the about me nav link take the viewer to his about me section”.

“Great Customer service and outstanding work ethics. It’s a 10 from me and more engagements in the future.”
Nii The Mc

Master Of Ceremony

The Experience

Dephlex Creatives was honored and quite privileged to work with NiiTheMc. With the help of our project manager dashboard, NiiTheMc had the oppoertunity to make corrections and alert us on what he wanted specifically and this is important for us at Dephlex because we have the notion of the client’s satisfaction being our main priority and the client feeling more invloved in the creation of their idea which in turn makes up for a tremendous collaboration and we at Dephlex Creatives are glad to have him on board as a client. This website is one of our small business website built with custom integrations.

What’s New ?


Professional Branding

Before Nii came to us, all he had for his professional branding was flyers and facebook mini ads but having built his website for him now, we officially put him on the map to battle it out with others.

Customized Coding

With the help of Divi, we managed to accomplish most of our goals set for this website but with few coding and CSS tweaks from our team of developers, we added few animations to modules such as galleries giving it a more modern outlook.

Simplified Structure

Most Website are so text heavy and not eye catching but at Dephlex, we try to make the most sophisticate websites out there but very minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing to clients.

Advanced WireFrames

By first designing the website using the Divi theme, NiiTheMc was able to see a real visual representation of his ideas and concepts. Any changes could be made in real time and would closely resemble the final product.

The Results

These numbers clearly illustrate the difference between when NiiTheMc branded himself and decided to go live with a website which was solely his.


Increase In Hiring


Increase IN Customers


Decrease in Mobile Conversations


Decrease in Chat room Intros

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