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Life In Kolor is a photography and videography studio based in Guangzhou, Guangdong province China. After a successful collaboration with Kevin O, who’s the CEO of Life In Color, Dephlex Creatives was able to build him a responsive and user-friendly website which is easy to use on all devices after he decided to take his business online.


Compay Name: Life In Kolor.
Date: Feb 2018

Life In Kolor Website This website is more responsive and a user-friendly website which is easy to use on all devices.This website was one of our small business websites built with custom integrations and SEO.

What Was Kevin.O Looking For?

This will be another gallery oriented website developed by our team and yet different from the previous one done. It still follows the principles of our company which is minimalistic but yet sophisticated in its own right,

Why We Switched to Divi

We at Dephlex Creatives pride ourselves on innovation and thinking outside the box. Beginning this project, we commenced by using the visual composer theme thinking that was the perfect theme for such a bold gallery oriented website but we ended up changing to Divi due to some bug related issues and time-sensitive factors. This in turn shows how efficient the Divi theme is and powerful

Instant Results

After switching to Divi, results started flowing in as our team managed to accomplish same feats reached in our previous attempt using visual composer but with Divi, even better milestones were reached and the website being needed to be hosted in a short time span, Divi helped us by completing and meeting that deadline.

“Dephlex has one of the best customer services I have experienced in the web designing world. After explaining what I wanted over the phone, the site was built in a short time to suit my specifications. I’m really glad to have contacted them for their services and wouldn’t recommend anyone else than Dephlex Creatives”
Kay Tee

CEO, Life In Kolor

The Experience

Dephlex Creatives was honored and quite privileged to work with Kevin O. The creation of this website was quite inspiring and an amazing feeling because we creating a website but yet enjoying the beautiful photographs taken by this wonderful and talented artist who in his pictures expresses himself more.

What’s New?

Same Branding, New Setting

Just as our previous clients, getting a website live and hosted puts them out there on the map which is so essential so it was our job to make the best one out there.

Special CSSing

If we stick to just the default settings the Divi gallery layouts provided, our websites would be very blocky but with the help of some CSS by our team of developers hereby making the images and the gallery more visual and abstract and adding effects that best compliment what we as a team were trying to accomplish.

Artistic Structure

We did not want to put the images in a chronological order because we thought that was quite boring so we just threw them all around and see what works and i guess it turned out great.

Easy-to-use Navigations

We implement pretty simply navs for any user to be able to browse to hence not making it to sophisticated for users to navigate through making it very user-friendly. Most website have very complicated navigations that makes it almost impossible to review a website. We listen and see whats best for not only our client but also others that are going to view and access the site.

The Results

These numbers clearly illustrates the difference from when Kevin O branded himself and decided to go live with a website which was solely his.


Increase In Hiring


Increase IN Customers


Decrease in Mobile Conversations


Increase in Events

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