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Branding 101 : Develop a Brand Core!

Branding 101 : Develop a Brand Core!

No matter how beautiful the logo or powerful the tagline, if a brand doesn’t know its core -- who or what it truly is -- it is pretty much impossible to build their brand and a headache to even try. Having experienced this issue many times in our agency, I’ve learned...

Branding 101 : Build a Brand not a Logo!!!

Many businesses overlook the true potential of what a brand can and will accomplish, settling for just a logo. So, what sets a brand apart from a logo. Why is the jump from a logo to a brand so difficult? Why do you need a brand, not just a logo? “Your brand is what...

Thank You To All Our Partners – You’ve Been Amazing!

We ❤ Our Partners. We’re not in this to make a quick buck. For us, it’s all about building long-term partnerships with our clients, getting to know them and what they do so we can help them succeed in this fast-paced digital world. As we always say “It's not about...

World Sports Scenario (WSS) Website Goes Live!

World Sports Scenario (WSS) is a football academy based in Wuhan, China. In July 2015 an organization was created, “LWJ Wuhan soccer school” together with “Love, Wisdom, Joy Montessori education“. This project was born from necessity and with the goal to give kids...

Digital Branding: Is Your Logo Responsive?

In today’s world – A logo has to work harder than ever before. In 2018, the number of internet users grew to 4 billion. Of that number, 49.4% of all the people interacting online are using their mobile phones, instead of the good old days of computers. This means that...

Alafea Institute Website Goes Live!

Who is Alafea and what’s Alafea Institute all about? Alafea Reynolds, a mother of three and two bonus kids who doubled as an educator and mother. She experienced firsthand the frustration of trying to develop professionally while trying to be present for her husband,...

Dephlex has one of the best customer services I have experienced in the web designing world. After explaining what I wanted over the phone, the site was built in a short time to suit my specifications. I’m really glad to have contacted them for their services and wouldn’t recommend anyone else than Dephlex Creatives


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Great Customer service and outstanding work ethics. It’s a 10 from me and more engagements in the future.


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