It can also be a decoration or an interpretation of a text. At the same time, illustration can be a process or a concept. Generally, an illustration is for its integration of published media such as magazines, books, posters, animations, teaching materials, flyers, video games, and films.

Due to the high volume of custom illustration requests from our clients, we’ve decided to create a custom page dedicated to this service. We have a very talented in-house illustrator – Tabo

The process always begins with a rough concept sketch, which is then reviewed by the client. This ensures that everyone is on the same page before getting too deep into the project.

Next, is the first draft of the polished illustration, which includes all the little details and in some cases, coloring. Again, there’s an opportunity to review the progress. 

Lastly, we will make any final tweaks that are needed and integrate into the larger design. Once approved, we provide all high-resolution files types that you’ll ever need.


All of our illustrations are created in-house, from scratch and begin with a pencil and paper. Take a look at our partial illustration portfolio below where you’ll find examples of work completed. Feel free to contact us at for a free consultation today!


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